Biologic and Holistic Dentistry

Fluoride Use

Cherry Hills Dental does not use fluoride as a tool to fight tooth decay.  Although the ADA promotes its use, we feel that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that the use of fluoride is 100% safe.

We feel that fluoride should not be consumed.  If there is any anti-cavity benefit to this substance, it should only be in the form of a topical.

We discuss ways to promote the natural re-mineralization of teeth. As an alternative, we recommend Xylitol.  This is a natural sweetener found in birch and beech trees.  It has been scientifically proven to inhibit the bacteria found in tooth decay by preventing the bacteria from attaching to the surface of the tooth.  We sell toothpastes, gums and mouthwashes that contain Xylitol.

Please ask if you have any questions.

Amalgam Removal

This practice is to remove toxic dental materials (including mercury) that seems to be biologically incompatible to the patient.  Our goal is to keep the patient comfortable and safe from these toxins that may be generated during the removal process.

We do this by:

  • Biocompatibility testing- Testing can be performed in advance of the restorative visit to determine which dental materials are safest, or least offensive, to the patient's immune system. There are several ways this testing can be done.
  • Supplementation- We can recommend supplements and/or homeopathies to support heavy metal removal. Testing of your physiological needs in advance is encouraged.
  • Reminder- DO NOT TAKE ANY ORAL VITAMIN C on the day of your dental visit if you will be receiving local anesthetic. Vitamin C has the ability to reduce the effectiveness of anesthetic making it necessary to use an extra amount, or to wait extra time before the anesthetic becomes effective. If desired, you can bring vitamin C to your dental visit as it can be taken after the visit to help the anesthetic wear off faster.
  • Special consideration can be given to the Huggins Protocol when scheduling amalgam removal.

Mercury Amalgam removal appointments will consist of:

  • Answering any questions concerning the procedure and signing of a consent for treatment.
  • Administering local anesthetic to completely numb the area.
  • Administration of oxygen into the nose via a nasal mask.
  • Activation of an external "Negative Ion Generator" and collection plate to safely trap any mercury particles in the air.
  • Activation of high volume external air suction, the "Elephant Suction,” to insure removal of any mercury particles or odors.
  • Placement and activation of low volume suction tip to collect saliva.
  • Activation of a high volume suction or "clean-up tip” to surround the tooth during the process and placement of a non-latex dental dam if needed.
  • Constant external water spray by our reduced-speed hand piece, and our assistant's air-water syringe, to flush mercury particles into the suction line.
  • Removal of the amalgam fillings, other fillings, crowns, bridges, etc. that appear to be biologically incompatible to you. Replacements will be used with the most biocompatible materials available.
  • Adjustment and polishing of the restored teeth will be done to ensure great look and feel.
  • It is recommended that you drink a lot of water, take appropriate supplements, and eat a diet high in fiber after the dental appointment.

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