Child’s First Visit

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be a happy one!

How old should my child be?

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be scary.  We want children to be confident and comfortable when going for checkups.  We recommend bringing your son/daughter in for their first appointment as early as age 3.  A few minutes in our chair every 6-12 months can lead to good, healthy habits- and a great experience for life!

What should we expect at the first visit?

The appointment would last about an hour.  We will clean his/her teeth and take any necessary x-rays.  We welcome the parent to be in the examination room for the first visit.  For future visits, we have found that if the parent remains in the waiting room, it allows your child to start developing trust and positive dental experiences of their own.

Above all else-

Please allow your child to have their own positive experience with us.  Please do not share your prior dental experiences with them.  Perspective is everything!

Happy Smiles for Happy Kids!