Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is so important- its your most eye catching feature.  Even a small change can make a big difference.

The following services allow us to create a beautiful smile with , at times, minimal changes to your teeth.



A veneer is a layer of material that is placed over a tooth to improve the look of your smile.  The veneer can be made from two different materials- porcelain or composite.  Veneers can also protect your natural tooth from decay and other damages.



Whitening is the process of making your teeth appear whiter.



Dentures are prosthetic devices made to replace missing teeth.  There are many types of dentures including partial dentures, custom dentures, implant supported dentures, snap-in dentures, etc.  We will discuss what type of dentures that might be right for you.

Implant Restoration


A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth that is inserted int he mouth in place of a real tooth.  Metal posts are placed in the jawbone similar to tooth roots that connect to an artificial tooth (crown).  This provides a permanent base and looks just like a tooth.

Tooth Reshaping

Tooth reshaping, or dental contouring, removes small amounts of tooth enamel (the outer covering of the tooth) in order to change the surface, lengthen or shape the tooth.  This in one of the most cost effective, convenient ways of fixing chipped, or poorly aligned teeth to create a more pleasing smile.


Bonding is a process of repairing chipped, cracked or discolored teeth.  This is a simple, cost-effective procedure where we apply tooth-colored composite resin to repair damage.  This procedure usually doesn't require anesthesia or multiple visits to our office.

White Fillings


White fillings are resin composite fillings made of ceramic or plastic compound.  Because these materials are the same color as natural teeth, these fillings blend in.  White fillings are more aesthetically pleasing and more safe than silver-colored filings with are usually made of tin, copper or mercury.



A crown, or dental cap, completely covers a tooth or dental implant.  Crowns are usually needed when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth.  It is usually bonded to a tooth by dental cement.



Botox R is a simple, non-surgical procedure that has cosmetic and health benefits.  It can help create a more youthful complexion as well as help with medical conditions.

Cosmetic Uses

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lives and wrinkles on the forehead and brow region -Reduces wrinkles that appear at the outer corner of the eyes (crow's feet) -Reduces frown lines between the eye brows

Medical Uses

  • Decreases migraines and headaches
  • Reduces TMJ pain from overactive jaw muscles

Let us help keep your smile healthy!