Holistic/Biologic Dentistry

What does it mean to be “holistic” or “biologic optioned”?

What are your goals to keep you happy and healthy?  It is important to know, we will discuss the aspects of dentistry that are most important to you.  We want you to have ALL the options available to you to get you as close to “happy and healthy” as possible.  Materials choices, techniques and timing are just a few aspects of “holistic/biologic” dentistry that can be discussed if you choose to know the information.  We feel not everyone seeks the knowledge of what “holistic/biologic” dentistry means.  So the issue is not forced.  As an example, is how to replace a missing tooth.  The most holistic/biologic process is to do nothing.  All replacements involve something placed by an human and is not what nature intended.  This person may be very unhappy with their smile or their ability to chew.  We will discuss ALL the options as well as the associated pros and cons available to make this person happy.  Happy and healthy combined is key!!

Fluoride Use

Cherry Hills Dental does not use fluoride as a tool to fight tooth decay.  Although the ADA promotes its use, we feel that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that the use of fluoride is 100% safe.

We feel that fluoride should not be consumed.  If there is any anti-cavity benefit to this substance, it should only be in the form of a topical.

We discuss ways to promote the natural re-mineralization of teeth. As an alternative, we recommend Xylitol.  This is a natural sweetener found in birch and beech trees.  It has been scientifically proven to inhibit the bacteria found in tooth decay by preventing the bacteria from attaching to the surface of the tooth.  We sell toothpastes, gums and mouthwashes that contain Xylitol.

Please ask if you have any questions.

Amalgam (Mercury) Removal

Our amalgam (mercury filling) removal program is designed to remove toxic dental materials, including mercury, while keeping you safe from the toxic-by-products generated by the removal process.

Our process includes several special considerations for every mercury removal to eliminate your exposure of mercury, as best as possible, during this process.

This includes:

  • Isolation of the area via a nitrile (isolation dam). This will keep all materials from getting down your throat and facilitates mercury clean-up.
  • The use of an oxygen nasal mask. This allows a pure source of air for you to breathe while the mercury is being removed.
  • A large “elephant” style HEPA vacuum will be utilized to capture any aerosolized mercury from contaminating the room.
  • A high volume suction with copious water is used to capture any particulated mercury as it is created.
  • All vacuumed mercury is collected and sent to a recycler. None of your mercury will contaminate our environment!

It is always preferred, but not necessary, to have the guidance of a “holistic minded” healthcare provider prior to mercury removal.  However, he/she can optimize your health systematically to better respond to your treatment.

Dental Material Sensitivities

All dental materials are a man-made combination of materials.  Just as a person may be sensitive to certain types of jewelry (such as earrings), a person may experience a similar sensitivity to certain dental materials.  For the individual who experiences a high sensitivity to many things in life, it is highly recommended that we try to utilize the least offensive dental materials for any future dental visits that you have with us.

Let us help keep your smile healthy!